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Jeanie Clark


Cosmetic Tattooing

Jeanie will be joining us periodically at both our LA and BK studios. Follow her instagram and add your name below to be notified of her travels.

Jeanie offers the most cutting edge techniques in the industry. The manual method in micro-pigmentation has become very popular all around the world in the past few years. What sets her technique apart from conventional permanent makeup is the unique hand held tool that is used to create fine, crisp and extremely natural hair strokes. She has have a keen attention to detail and precise micro-strokes help achieve some of the most realistic eyebrow tattoos. Using highly advanced pigments in order to perform beautiful artwork as well as maintaining the highest standards when it comes to hygiene and safety. Jeanie has a keen eye and vision for blending the correct tone of pigment with the right individual skin tone to bring a beautiful matching result. For Jeanie, connection is important. Widening her circle of positive influence & connections with every client.

June 2019

Susumi Studio


Schyler Gately

Schyler is the creator behind the fine jewelry line Susumi Studio. She will be joining the 108 team on a permeant basis, micro welding infinity chains for our clients. Schyler is based on the west coast but we will be hosting her at the Brooklyn studio as well. Please follow Susumi Studio’s instagram and either book an appointment for LA or sign up for the BK waiting list below.

INFINITY CHAINS are custom fitted and welded directly onto the wearers body; making a permeant, seamless bracelet, anklet or necklace.





Join us January 6th and 7th at our L.A. location where we are hosting tattooist Steve Pedone, owner of NYC'S famous: FUN CITY TATTOO.

Tattooing since 2003, Big Steve apprenticed under Jonathan Shaw, the original owner of Fun City Tattoo, with help from Phil Luck. Steve has kept the heart and soul in Fun City alive since the early years of the shop. Specializing in black and grey, American traditional, Polynesian tribal, and more, with Steve’s wit and speed, he is one of the most well-rounded and charming tattooers in the business.

To schedule an appointment email FUNCITYTATTOO@GMAIL.COM

August 2017:

Freedom, told through line and color


Maxx Starr

Join us at 108 LA to preview Maxx Starr's short story and latest works on August 10th and 11th.

Freedom, Told Through Line and Color, takes the reader out for a night in New York, unpolished and authentic. Punctuated with bursts of color, the primal hieroglyphs illustrate the journey while the text sings accompaniment—bright, happy and positive.

Starr, a NYC artist and entrepreneur, has created a narrative style that he refers to as visual jazz. The book is one cohesive piece of art with the linear structure of a novel. He touches on the spontaneity of life before social media and mobile phones, when the only plan one needed was to see “where the night takes us.”

May 2017:


Adrian Castillo

Will be joining us in the LA studio as our May artist in residence. Come add Adrian's work to your collection May 5th-7th.

Adrian is a piercing artist with 10 years of experience. Originally a southern California native, Adrian followed his career to New York where he was mentored by J. Colby Smith.

Adrian curates beautiful piercing and jewelry combinations. Visit his instagram for inspiration and book an appointment.

Email: info@jcolbysmith.com for more details.

April 2017:

Merrel Westhoff

will be joining us in the LA studio as our April artist in residence. Come say hello and shop her newest collection SILVER LINING.

Inspired by ancient patterns, ethnic tribes, music and the shape of shadows, Merrel has created her own minimalistic style in jewelry design. Using sterling silver, 14 karat yellow and rose gold for all handmade pieces.

Email: info@monocrafft.com for more details