Adrian D. Castillo

Adrian Castillo is a body piercer of 10 years. Originating from the west coast of Southern California and branching out to New York for the past 3 years, he has created an aesthetic that is highly sought after. 

His piercing style is abrasive yet delicate, taking smaller pieces and putting them in places often overlooked to build a unique concept for the individual. Adrian is well-noted for his calming bedside manner and particular attention to organic detail, both of which are highly reviewed and has gained a loyal following. 

Mostly known through out the underground punk and hardcore scene for his influential music, he is a respected artist within the community. Crediting a lot of his success to his network of friends and colleagues who challenge the status quo, his vision of piercing challenges industry standards.

When Adrian isn’t creating with his piercing he is expressing himself in mediums such as photography, writing, and touring with his music. 

Quickly becoming known for his work in New York and recognized by outlets such as Teen Vogue, Elle, NPR, Vice, Nylon and Marie Claire, Adrian is definitely leaving his mark on both coasts.